Antoinette Metoyer

Case Manager

Antoinette joined Project Guardianship in December 2022. She brings considerable experience from the nonprofit sector in the areas of case management, group leadership, and youth support.

Antoinette graduated from SUNY College at Old Westbury where she was member of The International Sociology Honor Society and the National Leadership Honor Society. Antoinette earned a B.S. in criminology with minors in psychology and social work, lending to her unique ability to problem solve and communicate effectively during crises. 

In all of her previous experiences she has had to work collaboratively with professionals and caregivers to find solutions. Antoinette successfully managed and counseled an assigned caseload of 25 clients while working at a supportive housing initiative. She also has substantial experience working with youths; developing and designing lesson plans and multidisciplinary activities for children at a nonprofit serving at-risk community members in Brooklyn. The current love of Antoinette’s life is her cat Daisy Stefano, however she hopes to be blessed with children someday!