Shanice Payne

Benefits Coordinator

Shanice Payne joined Project Guardianship in December 2022 as a Benefits Coordinator. She plays an essential role on the direct services team, working diligently to apply for and maintain essential government and private benefits for our clients. 

Previously, Shanice herself worked as a Case Manager at an organization that specialized in combatting homelessness. There, she helped her clients identify and locate community resources, and assisted them with things such as rental arrears, furniture allowance, and housing relocation assistance. Later, as a Child Protective Specialist with ACS, Shanice honed her skills in advocacy, counseling, and critical thinking. She coordinated multidisciplinary teams to evaluate safety and identify interventions to reduce risks to children, and developed her skills working with vulnerable populations. 

More recently, Shanice held a position as a Senior Care Coordinator, connecting a diverse group of older adults to social services. She did everything from individual assessments to community outreach. 

Shanice holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Virginia State University and a Master of Social Work degree from Long Island University. In her spare time, Shanice enjoys traveling, shopping and spending time with family and friends.