Our Model

The Project Guardianship service model offers an essential network of support for people with diminishing capacity who need help in managing their daily affairs — all in the interest of supporting and improving their safety, health, well-being, and quality of life. 

Our multidisciplinary teams excel at creating personalized care plans for each individual. Each client is also served by an attorney (at a 1:50 ratio) and a finance manager (also at a 1:50 ratio). Each client team is also supported by a property manager and benefits manager. The total staff providing direct services to client ratio is 1:9.

Group of people walking around Group of people walking around


Our client to case manager ratio is 1:25 which allows us to provide proactive solutions for any circumstance that may arise

Project Guardianship receives client referrals directly from the appointing courts. Given our highly effective model, we are typically called upon to serve in complex cases that put the individual at risk of being unnecessarily institutionalized in an overly restrictive setting. Common presenting issues for our clients include difficulty securing adequate home care, a need for real property management, instability caused by mental illness, elder abuse and exploitation, and adversarial landlord/tenant issues arising from client behaviors such as extreme hoarding.

Project Guardianship employs a multi-disciplinary team model effective at creating many positive outcomes that greatly and positively affect the lives of our clients.