Honor a Caregiver

Every year, throughout the month of June, we invite our community to
celebrate the outstanding caregivers in their lives through gifts to Project Guardianship. These unsung heroes – family, friends, neighbors, and professionals – extend themselves time and again to improve and sustain the wellbeing of others. Whether they are picking up groceries, paying bills, accompanying their loved ones to appointments, or simply being compassionate companions, caregivers are essential to the fabric of our society.

We are incredibly grateful for the caregivers listed on this tribute page. Through their supportive, far-reaching efforts, older people and those living with disabilities are able to enjoy safer, more fulfilling, and connected lives.

Honor a Caregiver Honorees

Carol B. Anderson
Susan Axelbank
Yajaira Brown
Kathleen Budzik
Janet Cabot
Beth Chevere and the staff of Sunrise Senior Living in Sheepshead Bay
Alida Clemans
Jason and Julia Conlin
Milton Diaz
Audrey Diop
Marc Fenton
Bleesy Flores
Cheri Frank
Kimberly George
Stephanie George
Lori Gerhardt
K. Gibbs
Julie Glynn
Ava Hall
Danielle Hawkins-Lazo Pauta
Ellen Huneke
Nadja Jiquet
Sutarshia Johnson
Brittaney Jones-Alleyne
Janet Keith
Gauri Khanna
Franziska Laskaris
Jane Levine
Abby Litchfield
Ken Majerus
Sylvia Martin Benton
Bill and Patricia McKinney
Isak Mendes
Ann Marie Mosca Miller
Evangeline Morella
Sean Morrison
JoAnn Murphy
Sharon Myrie
Colleen O’Connor
Ali Ozgenc
Shanice Payne
A. Peterson
Carolyn Rodriguez
Paula A. Roy
Jennie Schueler
Kizuna Shintani and Peter Swiatek
Jacqueline Stewart
Sarah Swingler
Charlotte Von Knobelsdorff

2023 (Honor a Caregiver’s inaugural year)
Rose Aring 
Farides Attencio-Gulloso 
Danielle Cardone 
Brendan Chambers 
Beth Chevere 
Milton Diaz 
Tanya Eggers 
Bleesy Dee Flores 
Cheri Frank 
Maxine Fredericks 
Kimberly George
Stephanie George
Ellen Hargreaves 
Danielle Hawkins-Lazo Pauta 
Desiree Herzog
Sutarshia Johnson 
Brittaney Jones-Alleyne 
Kimberley Kearns 
Gauri Khanna
Nanette Lapore
Franziska Laskaris
Abby Litchfield 
Ken Majerus 
Leslie McCarthy and the pastoral care committee of Brooklyn Meeting, Religious Society of Friends
Kathleen McKinney 
Antoinette Metoyer 
Vangie Morella 
Nadege Ott
Christopher Pacheco
Peter Pullman
Carolyn Rodriguez 
Frank Schneiger
Sarah Swingler
Barbara Tanzman
Eileen Tau 
Ana Sofía Vergara 
Dee Walker 
Christy Weed 
Seeya Zheng

For more information about Honor a Caregiver, please contact our Development Department at (347) 296-1874.