Eviction Prevention and Landlord/Tenant Matters

We advocate for our clients so they can stay in their homes

Individuals who are apartment dwellers, particularly those with mental health and cognitive disorders, often become parties to unsubstantiated legal actions for eviction and nuisance conditions. Too often this will occur when an individual is living in a rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartment.

Landlords and owners may try to capitalize on the vulnerability of an individual for their own benefit. These individuals are also often subject to living in substandard conditions either by outright property neglect or refusal by a landlord to maintain or repair an apartment. 

There are many ways that Project Guardianship will work to resolve a landlord/tenant matter for a client. For example, we may pay back rent that is in arrears because a client was temporarily in a nursing home or hospital. We may clean out a hoarded apartment that is causing a violation. We may advocate for a client in landlord/tenant court, fight an eviction, maintain a residency in public housing, and fight for succession rights so a person can remain on a lease. We may also advocate for safety ramps (and other housing code requirements) to which landlords are legally bound. If necessary, we will file a discrimination complaint with the NYC Human Rights Commission if a landlord has violated a client’s civil rights. 

When we step in and advocate for a client, often, they are able to stay in their homes and apartments for many more years. 

Our work to protect a client’s rights also helps prevent the further reduction of New York’s affordable housing stock.