Home and Property Management

Property Management

Our property management services for clients, whether they are landlords or tenants, ensure safe living conditions, maintain property values and preserve assets, and, very importantly, make it possible for many clients to remain in or return to their homes.

Foreclosure Prevention

Project Guardianship will accept appointments for individuals at risk of or with pending foreclosure actions. We may consult with outside experts if necessary, and our work will address:

  • Safety Issues and Sub-Par Housing Conditions to renovate and repair of unsafe conditions.
  • Maximization of the Income Generation Capability of the Property to repair and maintain habitable rental units to provide a reliable income stream to meet home ownership expenses.
  • Access to Home Equity (if necessary) to supplement inadequate income, including through the use of reverse mortgages.
  • Property Sale (if necessary) we will market and sell a home at favorable terms
  • Management of Property Taxes and Carrying Costs so a client will receive any tax credits for which are eligible and so that bills such as water bills and home insurance policies are paid on time.

Deed Theft and Reverse Mortgage Fraud

Every year, Project Guardianship will accept appointments from the courts for landlords and homeowners who are the victims of fraud and financial exploitation, and at risk of losing the rights to their own homes and often the ability to continue to live on-premises.

In matters related to, for example, cases of deed theft, reverse mortgage fraud, and/or family or caretaker malfeasance, Project Guardianship will pursue a variety of avenues — via the guardianship court, through outside litigation, and/or through a referral to law enforcement. 

Our legal team has the capacity to expend the necessary resources and time to investigate and untangle the circumstances of fraud that have caused severe harm to a client. These cases put a client at risk of significant loss of assets and property, including the risk of foreclosure, eviction from their own homes, and homelessness.

We have often been able to reverse or ameliorate the course of fraud perpetuated on clients, or in the worst of circumstances, we affect the most positive solution to ensure that a client will, at minimum, live in safe and comfortable housing going forward.